Codiaeum Variegatum
(Students of Decay, 2014)
Vinyl LP (digital available) with processed French horn and field recordings. Cello by Dan Bindschedler and Bass by Joseph Digerness, Art by Catherine Chalmers.
so it’s inverted,
occupying the same position as always

(Notice Recordings, 2013)
Cassette with processed French horn and field recordings from Costa Rica and South Street Seaport
Sinter (duo with Richard Kamerman, ErstAEU, 2013)
http://cfyre.co/rds/mgs/005.jpg [anne+guthrie+artwork+jpeg.jpg]
Perhaps a Favorable Organic Moment (CFYR, 2011)
Processed field recordings from Fort Tilden, NY, and Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Preston Hollow (roeba records, 2011)
Distance collaboration with Barry Chabala (French horn improv recorded in the woods of Preston Hollow, NY by Guthrie; improvised response by Chabala)
standing sitting (engraved glass, 2010)
Processed field recordings from Beacon, NY, and Washington, DC
Translations of Opacity: For Michelangelo Antonioni (Compilation, and/OAR, 2008)
Processed diagetic recordings from Antonioni’s Red Desert
SF-6001: The Sonics of Art Spaces (Compilation, Stasisfield, 2007)
(Glenn Bach, Christopher Delaurenti, Anne Guthrie, Mike Hallenbeck, John Kannenberg, My Fun, steve roden, Tau)
Originally broadcast on Resonance FM
SF-5004: Conservatoire (Stasisfield, 2006)
Processed field recordings from the Walker Art Center Conservatory in Minneapolis