Sinter Reviews Roundup

BW Diedrich wrote a very nice feature on the first 3 ErstAEU releases here .

William Hutson reviewed the 3 ErstAEU releases together in the June 2013 issue of Wire Magazine. Here’s what he says about Sinter:

“Anne Guthrie and Richard Kamerman’s Sinter is a tough little disc, possibly influenced by recent Erstwhile outings by Taku Unami. There’s an element of mystery, and plenty of moments where you wish you could watch the sounds being created to glean some insight. “Porcellino” sounds as if a recorder got left on in a room where people were carelessly moving things around, turning a hand-crank and dropping objects in buckets. “Origami 1/5″ is all cassette tape scrubbing and ground hum. The duo reverse the old axiom about there being no accidents in jazz – Guthrie and Kamerman make music that sounds completely, wonderfully accidental.”

Brian Olewnick’s review on Just Outside here.

Bill Meyer’s review on Dusted, here.

Free Jazz weekend roundup here.

And for the multilingual among you:
and here.

“so it’s inverted” Vital Weekly review

Frans de Waard of Vital Weekly has a lovely review of my new cassette on Notice Recordings. Reposted below:

From New York, Anne Guthrie is a horn player, of whom reviewed music before, like her ‘Perhaps A Favorable Organic Moment’ in Vital Weekly 786. She uses also field recordings, which she uses alongside her playing. On this new cassette she uses field recordings from Costa Rica, and she uses them extensively. On top she plays her horn, but it’s never easy to tell what, when and where here. Likewise it’s not easy to say to what extend she has processed these field recordings, if at all. I am pretty sure she did, to some extend. Maybe creating loops out of the material, maybe some radical equalization, and then cut along with her extra-ordinary playing of the horn, which she uses to produce some really wild sounds which may sound like anything but a horn. It gives both sides, one piece per side, a feeling that they belong to each other, two sides of the same coin. It’s all quite mysterious; you have no idea what’s going on, field recordings aren’t easily recognized as such, nor is the horn playing, but that mystery makes this all the more captivating I think. A sound world of it’s own. Excellent.

Read more here

Notice Recordings cassette release

New cassette available on Notice Recordings! Crunchy French horn sounds and field recordings from Costa Rica and South Street Seaport. Purchase here.

ErstAEU release with Richard Kamerman: Sinter

Brand new for-real CD on ErstAEU (of Erstwhile origins) with Richard Kamerman! Reviews (i hope!) and release show news to follow. Enjoy!

Erstwhile Website

ErstAEU Facebook Page

New Composition

It’s several months belated, but I’ve finally posted the recordings from the performance of my latest composition from February 2012. The piece was commissioned by Thomas Buckner and performed at Roulette in Brooklyn, using text by my dear friend Lily Robert-Foley. I’ve posted 2 versions, both using the close-mic signals from each instrument and spatialized in binaural format using an acoustic model of the venue. Version 1 has sound absorbing treatment (the space was configured this way for the live performance) and Version 2 has no treatment (the original configuration of the venue when it first opened to the public). I think they both give the music interesting and very different characteristics. Enjoy!

Imagining the Lowline: 28-Channel 3D Audio Installation

Please come to the Essex St Market (Essex between Delancey and Broome, LES, NYC) on September 15 (or any day after until September 25) to see/hear this amazing collaboration between RAAD architects and Arup! I did the audio and some of the AV design for the installation, which is spatialized throughout the space over 28 loudspeakers. Non-audio highlights include plants growing underground under daylight pumped into the space through fiberoptic tubes, and an 80-foot model of the Manhattan subways.


below the radar compilation

Below the Radar compilation release for WIRE magazine subscribers. Binaural mixdown of processed SoundField microphone recordings. Curated by Jez Riley French.

Description here and here

brooklyn tape exchange finished!

Pretty cool mail art cassette venture by staalplaat. I contributed a short track towards the beginning of side B (you can see the tracklist if you follow the link).

cassette audio here

engraved/glass release now available for digital download

link to album


show next week

event description

4 solo sets:

. Philip White
. . . Zaimph
. . . . . Dan Malinsky
. . . . . . . Anne Guthrie

@ Brooklyn Fire Proof
119 Ingraham St
L to Morgan
8pm $5-10 donation