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Reader Review

Bill Meyer has published a nice review of Codiaeum Variegatum in the Chicago Reader, available in print or online.

Anti-Gravity Bunny Review/Streaming

A review is up at Anti-Gravity Bunny, along with a track excerpted from the album for streaming.

Dusted Review

Lucas Schleicher has posted a fabulous review of Codiaeum Variegatum at Dusted. Thanks Lucas!

Fluid Radio Review

Lovely review of Codiaeum Variegatum by Matt Gilley at Fluid Radio!

New Vinyl on Students of Decay

My new LP, Codiaeum Variegatum, is coming out on February 18th, with Students of Decay! You can pre-order the album here. A review is already out on Brian Olewnick’s blog, Just Outside. Also, a very nice interview is on Impose, where the entire LP will be streaming for the next week. Enjoy!

improv sphere review for “so it’s inverted”

Julien Héraud has written a very nice review of my cassette on Notice Recordings. You can find it in the original French here. A rough English translation (thanks to Travis Bird at Notice) below: ” I’ve received with great enthusiasm all the previous recordings of Anne Guthrie, and it’s not today that that will change, [...]

Wire review for “so it’s inverted”

Wire magazine has included a lovely review of my cassette on Notice Recordings in the “Size Matters” section of their September issue: “Very fine collaged suite of field recordings from Costa Rica and live French horn playing, by this young Brooklynite. The blowing is all pretty much post-form – lots more breath manipulation than anything [...]

Sinter Reviews Roundup

BW Diedrich wrote a very nice feature on the first 3 ErstAEU releases here . William Hutson reviewed the 3 ErstAEU releases together in the June 2013 issue of Wire Magazine. Here’s what he says about Sinter: “Anne Guthrie and Richard Kamerman’s Sinter is a tough little disc, possibly influenced by recent Erstwhile outings by [...]

“so it’s inverted” Vital Weekly review

Frans de Waard of Vital Weekly has a lovely review of my new cassette on Notice Recordings. Reposted below: ANNE GUTHRIE – SO IT’S INVERTED; OCCUPYING THE SAME POSITION AS ALWAYS (cassette by Notice Recordings) From New York, Anne Guthrie is a horn player, of whom reviewed music before, like her ‘Perhaps A Favorable Organic [...]

Perhaps a Favorable Organic Moment and Preston Hollow: Reviews Roundup

Haven’t posted in a while, but here are some recent reviews of my CFYR CD as well as my collaboration with Barry Chabala – enjoy! Dan Warburton’s Review in Paris Transatlantic Magazine (scroll down for review) Matthew Horne’s Review at Tiny Mix Tapes Foxy Digitalis Touching Extremes Richard Pinnell at The Watchful Ear: Preston Hollow [...]