CHICAGO -> Saturday, February 25 @ Experimental Sound Studio

I will be giving a rare solo concert this Saturday, February 25th at Experimental Sound Studio, as part of their Outer Ear concert series. I am delighted to be sharing the bill with the trio of Olivia Block, Carol Genetti and Katherine Young.

This is my second concert in Chicago since the 90s and my first solo performance in my hometown. So yes I’m very excited and hope many of you can make it.

Here is the official promo.

Begins at 8pm.
$10/8 students/ESS members

Experimental Sound Studio
5925 N. Ravenswood (near Peterson)
Chicago IL, USA

Here’s a lovely note from Peter Margasak at the Chicago Reader:

On his solo albums, including 2009’s Comme (Moar) and last year’s Quiet Barrier (Rest + Noise), Billy Gomberg creates warm, enveloping electronic soundscapes with a touch of abrasive glitchiness, a la late-90s Fennesz. But that’s not to say that this Chicago native, who moved to New York in 2005, makes music that’s nostalgic or imitative. His gently gliding organlike tones form melodies that are alternately sweet and haunting; the drifting ambience is sometimes punctured by percussive blips of static that create ephemeral rhythms, while at other times it undulates with its own pulse. Gomberg begins his recording process by improvising with these familiar elements, and when he’s got enough material he likes, he pares it down and arranges it—with a confident ear for compelling compositional development. A trio of Olivia Block, Carol Genetti, and Katherine Young opens.