Video Art for Conditional Malaise
(w/ Rob Feulner, Bleu Nuit Video)

I’ve been lax in posting about this mostly b/c we’ve been overrun with activity this summer so here, catch up with this:

Produced between 2016 and 2017, “Video Art for Conditional Malaise” is a tool intended for those suffering from bouts of seasonal depression or general malaise in our modern political climate.

For thirty minutes flowers bloom and float into video feedback ether, set to the experimental-ambient music of Billy Gomberg. For its intended effect, please view using a projector against a large white wall, with the audio set to a louder than usual volume. The goal is full immersion.

Running time — 29:04
NTSC — Region 0
Audio track 1: Original score by Billy Gomberg
Optional audio track: Original score by Billy Gomberg run through VCR tracking errors when recording final cut.

Video Art for Conditional Malaise DVD trailer from Rob Feulner on Vimeo.

gorgeous, raw analog video manipulations from Rob Feulner. we got to play out with this footage in April and it was a joy. play loud and bright and big.

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visuals for upcoming Mason/McLaughlin album

delighted to present this short, abstract drift of visual material for the upcoming album by friends Josh Mason & Nathan McLaughlin on Eilean…

song : markers & surveys (I-VI) (excerpt)
music : josh mason & nathan mc laughlin
release : on the brink
label : eilean rec.
date : 02.02.17.
map point : eilean 72
color : white / grey
season : winter
duration : 54.29 mn
edition : limited to 160 copies
video : billy gomberg


Josh Mason :
Nathan McLaughlin :
Billy Gomberg :

Eilean Rec. :