2012 going going

Looking at a couple of internet signposts of mine, I realized that I neglected 2012 a bit. My bio blurb at Soundcloud is pretty out of date (just fixed that).  I dropped off a lot of my presence on genre-based forums.

I was very fortunate to find a change in employment, a feather-in-cap freelance project, another slow evolution in my kit, and continued outlets for my music and video practice.

in no particular order, releases from 2012 that hung around:

john talabot fin (Permanent Vacation)
trouble books concatenating fields (Bark and Hiss)
KTL (eMego)
muringa the unknown knowns (SOFA)
liars WIXIW (Mute)
wymond miles under the pale moon (Sacred Bones)
dunes noctulica (Post Present Medium)
michael pisaro/toshiya tsunoda crosshatches (Erstwhile)
jacob ullman fremde zeit addendum (Edition RZ)
jürg frey piano music (Irritable Hedgehog)
eliane radigue feedback works (Alga Marghen)
andy stott luxury problems (Modern Love) 
mites passing resemblance (CFYR)

another blanket tip to Students Of Decay for three records that really should not have been missed this year; En’s Already Gone, Marielle Jakobsons Glass Canyon and Alex Cobb’s Passage To Morning are all statement albums in current electronic music.

Thanks to Michael Jantz at Avant Archive and Steven Ramsey at Constellation Tatsu for publishing my work this year, and to Olivia Block & Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago, and Ben Kudler at Hamphire College for hosting performances.

WEST COAST TOUR August 22-29

I am happy to announce that Anne Guthrie, Richard Kamerman and myself are set to depart on a brief west coast tour from August 22-29. We will be performing as Delicate Sen and are quite excited to be sharing the stage with some fantastic musicians from the Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Oakland and Los Angeles. We will have lots of CDs, CD-Rs and tapes for sale. Please come out if we are set to entertain your locale…

August 22nd
Alley Pad Studios – 1744 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC
an evening of new music by Daron Hagen, Richard Kamerman, Sean Veley, and Elliot Vaughan
featuring Kamerman’s YVK20090822 (for viola, cello, contrabass, and speaker)

August 23rd
Helen Pitt Gallery – 102-148 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC
Tim Olive/Jeffrey Allport
Sam Shalabi/Josh Stevenson
Delicate Sen

August 24th
Gallery 1412 – 1412 18th Ave, Seattle, WA
various ad hoc groupings with local improvisers:
Mark Collins (bass), Mara Sedlins (viola), Tyler Wilcox (soprano saxophone), Wilson Shook (alto saxophone)

August 25
Gallery Homeland – 2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR
various ad hoc groupings with local improvisers:
Jean-Paul Jenkins (guitar), Mark Kaylor (percussion), Kelvin Pittman (saxophone)

August 27
Flux 53 – 5300-5312 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland, CA
w/Aurora Josephson

August 29
Betalevel – 963 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA
Last Nights of Paris
Help Is On the Way
Delicate Sen