gomberg, guthrie, kamerman, kawaguchi 4×4
(print/digital, Winds Measure, 2016)


a unique release spun out of life’s unplanned occurrences.  two loosely defined group improvisations by myself with Anne Guthrie, Richard Kamerman, and Takahiro Kawaguchi, later given a single, separately recorded addition by each of us.  Released with a unique series of prints by Winds Measure Recordings, check this project out here:

4×4 at Winds Measure



billy gomberg, anne guthrie, richard kamerman, takahiro kawaguchi 4×4

edition: 140 prints, unlimited audio download
letterpress print and audio download
designed and printed by ben owen
release date: january 25, 2016

2×2 27:23
3×3 26:27

initial recording, 2011 brooklyn, ny
additional sounds mixed, 2013-2014 ny and japan

billy gomberg: synthesizers
anne guthrie: french horn
richard kamerman: mechanical parts, found objects, field recording, high pass filter
takahiro kawaguchi: remodeled counters, self-made devices, frequency generator

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