Fraufraulein Extinguishment
(CD, Another Timbre, 2015)



Another Timbre’s release of Fraufraulein’s Extinguishment this year marked the first full-length album from Anne Guthrie and Billy Gomberg since their 2007 digital-only release, Country at the River of Friendship. That is, if you don’t count the pair of single-track EPs they released on Homophoni in 2011, or their 2014 recording with Richard Kamerman as Delicate Sen. Both Anne and Billy have been busy recording music over the last five or six years, sometimes together, sometimes with a third party, and sometimes solo. Guthrie’s Codiaeum Variegatum is just one notable example. Their unlikely combination of guitar, field recordings, and french horn dissolves the distinction between music and non-music, melody and texture, organism and mechanism. – Lucas Schleicher
Extinguishment at Another Timbre


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