Give Or Give In
(CS, Digitalis, 2011)

Emerging out of the summer is a packed release schedule for the last half of 2011. First up is an exquisite looking cassette from Digitalis Ltd. Give Or Give In lifts two sides of synthesizer, electronics and field recordings. On side A, “Rude Divides” brings my performance from this spring’s Qwartz awards in Paris (complete with a contribution from Offthesky), and the reverse “Shown Up In Your Chest Like Silver” weaves field recordings taken in Paris with varying weights of synthesizers, loops, and treatments. Here’s the official line:

billy gomberg operates out of brooklyn, utilizing whatever tools and instruments he can get his hands on to create sprawling compositions. these two 30 minute treks of synthesizer & field recordings morph in countless and often unexpected ways. irregular drones and muddy rhythms inhabit strange, interplanetary dance zones, pumping along until a spectral wave of tones overrides everything and slows it down to a crawl. gomberg has an innate skill in combining so many fine details into a deliciously cohesive whole. edition of 75. chrome.


Thanks to Brad Rose @ Digitalis.

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