(2007-10, digital 2016)


park is a long-form piece originally recorded and edited in 2007, revised occasionally through 2010, the first of a handful of longer compositions, raw and sparse, built from field and location recordings, that have gone unpublished.

Inspired in some ways by Cole Swensen’s volume of the same name, and by living two blocks from a sprawling public park, this is the first recording where I broke away from “synth and laptop” to incorporate field recordings, room recordings and amplification. A Roland Juno-60 and Electrix Warp Factory (a vocoder) being my only electronic sources. This was a shift for me that has held across many recordings and my creative practice in general.

What resulted was a series of long, near-static materials of color and tone, rough drones and indistinct recordings. The composition was arranged to allow these their full duration, occasionally reflected in a few digital processes.

download includes a version of park rendered as the original, continuous composition.

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