Fraufraulein + Richard Kamerman on Compost & Height

A late winter bit of music for you – recordings by Fraufraulein (myself and Anne Guthrie) and Richard Kamerman made in concert just before we left for our August 2009 tour as Delicate Sen, being presented here by Compost & Height, in luscious *.wav format.

FrauFraulein – Billy Gomberg: Access Virus | Anne Guthrie: French horn

“Beautiful Orca, Yr World Is Yes” (27:00)


Richard Kamerman – ASUS Eee PC, broken PCI sound card CT-4780, amplification devices

“After the Great Wing War and Before Returning to the Edge” (18:45)

August 1, 2009, 232 Taafe Place, Brooklyn, NY.
Recorded by Billy. Mastered by Richard. Photos by Brian Lindgren.

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