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engraved/glass release now available for digital download

link to album woot!

Special release for our Twin Cities Show

Our new CD-r/Mail Art/Art Object, Donna Hayward’s Secret Diary, is now available. This CD-r will be made-to-order, although a limited number of copies have been made in advance for our show in St. Paul, MN on August 6. The object consists of hand-knit cases, origami-folded high-quality prints from a mail-art collage book compiled by fraufraulein […]

New Copy For Your Records release!

My new electronic music record, Perhaps a Favorable Organic Moment (quote from Yves Klein), is now available on Richard Kamerman’s label, Copy For Your Records. The album is structured symmetrically, beginning and ending with unprocessed recordings in specific acoustic spaces containing French horn (Bach cello suite) and vocals (Scottish folk song), respectively. These “covers” are […]

New fraufraulein releases

Two new fraufraulein releases on netlabel Homophoni: without being heard, heading forward and background behind pattern