2015 moving on

many people wrote very salient and thoughtful intros to their “well that was 2015” post.

this was a tough year to try and understand (much less make a kind of peace with) what is happening around the world, in my country, in my city and my hometown. the coming year does not look to change that, and I hope you and yours get through it too.

here’s some records, and some folks, who deserve note for a positive contribution to my 2015:

caroline no “no language”

jerman/barnes “matterings”

benoit pioulard “sonnet”

sarah davachi “barons court” + “qualities of bodies permanent”

helen “the original faces”

majical cloudz “are you alone?”

sun kil moon “universal themes”

stephan mathieu “before nostromo”

donnacha costello “stay perfectly still”

heather woods broderick “glider”

young thug “barter 6”

all the hot Giegling label mixes that were posted this year

thanks to: Olivier Gillet / Mutable Instruments, Simon Reynell, Tim Barnes / Jeph Jerman (again), Susanna Bolle et al @ Non-Event, Pete Margasak, Bill Meyer, Haptic, Mike Weis, and everyone who came out to gigs, bought CDs and records, said hi.

and I was reminded again this year of this classic closing argument:
“if you shoot an arrow, and it goes real high… well, hooray for you.”

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