3/10: Kamerman/Theriault, fraufraulein @ La Sala, Brooklyn

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Richard Kamerman and Doug Theriault
RK: motors, objects, SuperCollider
DT: guitar, max/MSP

fraufraulein (Anne Guthrie & Billy Gomberg)
AG: French horn
BG: synthesizers

“Doug Theriault investigates the reciprocal contamination of creative means and sensibilities. He uses varied organic and electronic sound instrumentation, light gradients (sensors), space and performative movement in connection with the conceptual development of live electronic music systems that he has created.”

According to one bio I just stumbled on, he’s built custom instruments for everyone from Smegma to ZZ Top.


I’m pretty sure the last fraufraulein gig was 2011. and it was in Minnesota. Billy said he might play bass.


There might be a third set. I dunno. It’s a Sunday night after all. Some of us have day jobs.

Sunday 3/10
58 N 3rd St.
Williamsburg, BK

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