Dusted on Transition

Insightful words from Bill Meyer at Dusted:

“Removal, addition and space all come to mind while listening to these three pieces, which collectively run just under half an hour.
The sounds all seem to be coming at you from a great distance, so that to engage them you have to project your attention outwards. But at the same time they rise and fall in a cadence reminiscent of breathing exercises, and the piece induces a similarly calm state. This simultaneous evocation of in and out of body experiences speaks to art’s power to transform perception and the moment, and in doing so becomes a reminder that nothing needs to stay the same.”

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visuals for upcoming Mason/McLaughlin album

delighted to present this short, abstract drift of visual material for the upcoming album by friends Josh Mason & Nathan McLaughlin on Eilean…

song : markers & surveys (I-VI) (excerpt)
music : josh mason & nathan mc laughlin
release : on the brink
label : eilean rec.
date : 02.02.17.
map point : eilean 72
color : white / grey
season : winter
duration : 54.29 mn
edition : limited to 160 copies
video : billy gomberg


Josh Mason :
Nathan McLaughlin :
Billy Gomberg :

Eilean Rec. :

Tiny Mix Tapes on Slight At That Contact

Jason Cabaniss writes on Slight At That Contact for TMT Cerberus:

“…cold electroacoustic tones numb the senses with a wall of hushed distortion…One could listen to escape the darkness that surrounds us, but Slight at that Contact invites in the harsh tones we relegate to the background, providing a soothing balm to our modern malaise.”

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