Fluid Radio

A mix I created recently for the wonderful Fluid Radio site is live today. Please listen & enjoy….

This mix traces a range of the contemporary forms of music which interest and inspire me. I am looking to weave between styles and genres (a gap that sometimes is awfully narrow), following a thread of acoustic sensibility that shifts from piece to piece, whether or not there is great difference or similarity from moment to moment depends on perspective. This is a collection of tactile music, rendered by hand, tape, machines real and virtual, forced into motion by these musicians.

The image is from mpld’s performance w/Bryan Eubanks, excepted on this mix.

Track List:

• “Remodelled LI” / Shinkei + Mise_En_Scene / Scytale (mAtter)
• “Square (excerpt)” / Keith Rowe + Sachiko M / Contact (Erstwhile)
• “Backseat Manager Part 1″ / Sebastien Roux + Sogar / Rücksitz (Tsuku Boshi)
• “Malmö (excerpt)” / Tetuzi Akiyama, Erik Carlsson, Toshimaru Nakamura & Henrik Olsson / In Search Of Wild Tulips (BombaxBombax)
• “Repetition is Continuous” / John Davis / There’s Always Tomorrow (Students of Decay)
• “Pianobguitar” / Mou, lips! / Untree (mOAR)
• “Cloud Spotting” / Offthesky / Creek Caught Fire (The Land Of)
• “Illusionen” / Burkhard Stangl + Kai Fagaschinski / Musik – Ein Porträt in Sehnsucht (Erstwhile)
• Track 3 / Robbie Lee / Three Constellations (No Cat Records)
• “Lucy Song” / Jason Lescalleet + Graham Lambkin / The Breadwinner (Erstwhile)
• “Sup Pralad” / Taiga Remains / Beneath The Weeping Beeches (Ekhein)
• “Part 2: Indentions on Summits of Hands (excerpt)” / Celer / Close Proximity and the Unhindered Care-All (Sentient Recognition Archive)
• Track 3 / Stephen Vitiello / Listening To Donald Judd (Sub Rosa)
• “June 10, 2008 (excerpt)” / Kenneth Kirschner / Filaments & Voids (12k)
• “Babys Breath (Original)” / Lovesliescrushing / Girl Echo Suns Veils (Projekt)
• “Vista (excerpt)” / Asher + Jason Kahn / Vista (and/OAR)
• “091114-ff4 (excerpt)” / Bryan Eubanks + MPLD / http://fotofono.net
• Live at Gallery Homeland, Portland OR (excerpt) / Anne Guthrie, Richard Kamerman + Kelvin Pittman / unreleased

Thanks to all the artists and labels for allowing me to use their work in this mix, and to Daniel for the invitation.


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