once in a while, I have the pleasure of making a mix. enjoy this recent selection of recordings, electronics and moments at Dinzu Artefacts’s podcast series. thanks for listening and thanks as always for another invitation to work with w/ Dinzu.


tracklisting & links below. thanks to all the musicians and labels who keep this going.

domestic recording of speaker & battery test
Marcin Barski “conversation with father” Wandas Dream (Reading Group / http://www.readinggroup.co/rg12.html)
Kevin Corcoran “translucent and moving” states of instability (bandcamp / https://editionstympanum.bandcamp.com/album/states-of-instability)
Gonçalo F Cardoso “Ghost Crabs on Uhuru Beach (low tide)” Impressões de uma Ilha (Unguja) (Edicoes CN / https://goncalofcardoso.bandcamp.com/album/impress-es-de-uma-ilha-unguja)
Derek Baron “Recollects” Recollects (Reading Group / http://www.readinggroup.co/rg13.html)
Apinya Unphanlam “Destiny” Metaphors: Selected Soundworks from the Cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Sub Rosa / https://subrosalabel.bandcamp.com/album/metaphors-selected-soundworks-from-the-cinema-of-apichatpong-weerasethakul)
Taku Sugimoto “II (2016), from Songs” Short Pieces (https://takusugimoto.bandcamp.com/album/taku-sugimoto-short-pieces)
Theodore Cale Schafer “Crowd” (unreleased)
Cremation Lily “Feminine Listening” In England Now, Underwater (Alter / https://cremationlily-alter.bandcamp.com/album/in-england-now-underwater)
Victorine Meurent “Untitled 9” Even Less of the Harmony of Maine (Found Remains / https://foundremains.bandcamp.com/album/even-less-of-the-harmony-of-maine)
Andrew Pekler “Khao Sok Extension” (https://andrewpekler.bandcamp.com/album/khao-sok-extension)
mdo “with ulla straus” mdo & friends (c-minus / https://cminus.bandcamp.com/album/mdo-friends)exael “spilt” collex (west mineral ltd / https://westmineral.bandcamp.com/album/collex-ouest096)Lee Noble “Phase Melody for Tape Loops” Ashenden (Muzan Editions / https://muzaneditions.bandcamp.com/album/ashenden)
Etelin “Been Really Good Today” Hui Terra (Soda Gong / https://sodagong.bandcamp.com)
domestic recording of line work in a storm
Anne Guthrie “Hackle 2 excerpt” (unreleased)

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