Secret Decoder on Slight At That Contact

Secret Decoder’s Bryon Hayes with a gaze into Slight At That Contact:

Students of Decay alumnus and strange-dream-inducing electronic composer Billy Gomberg returned to the SoD fold last month, bringing with him another collection of near-ambient, glitch-sprinkled electro-acoustic sound works. Slight at that Contact offers eight lush fog banks that drift in a space located somewhere between the artificial densities conjured by Tim Hecker and the spike-textured soundscapes of the Mille Plateaux universe. Tracks such as opening salvo “Medial” and the electrostatic discharge of “Acute” hint at the latter, while “Caprice,” “All Right,” and “Spectator” smack of the former. Sprinkled among the slowly-moving almost-melodies, the vaporous jets of overdriven tone, and the percussive droplets of icy glitch are what sound like field recordings: muffled voices, shuffling static, calling birds, a nearly empty room. Collectively, these aspects form images, pictures that Gomberg has carefully honed into lovely assemblages that broadcast his unique practice. Slight at that Contact is a somber yet stimulating album. Through deep, attentive listening, one can ultimately see that the artist has bared his true self.


Billy Gomberg – ‘Slight at that Contact’

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