Sinter Reviews Roundup

BW Diedrich wrote a very nice feature on the first 3 ErstAEU releases here .

William Hutson reviewed the 3 ErstAEU releases together in the June 2013 issue of Wire Magazine. Here’s what he says about Sinter:

“Anne Guthrie and Richard Kamerman’s Sinter is a tough little disc, possibly influenced by recent Erstwhile outings by Taku Unami. There’s an element of mystery, and plenty of moments where you wish you could watch the sounds being created to glean some insight. “Porcellino” sounds as if a recorder got left on in a room where people were carelessly moving things around, turning a hand-crank and dropping objects in buckets. “Origami 1/5″ is all cassette tape scrubbing and ground hum. The duo reverse the old axiom about there being no accidents in jazz – Guthrie and Kamerman make music that sounds completely, wonderfully accidental.”

Brian Olewnick’s review on Just Outside here.

Bill Meyer’s review on Dusted, here.

Free Jazz weekend roundup here.

And for the multilingual among you:
and here.

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