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Roundup of reviews for Codiauem Variegatum. Thanks to all who reviewed!

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Dukla Prague Away Kit

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ATTN Magazine

Last but not least, an excerpt from a review in Wire Magazine, April 2014:

“Anne Guthrie in a acoustician and French horn player whose compositions offer a finely tuned mixture of field recordings and instruments. For material so delicate in its pacing and character, there is a refreshing lack of preciousness about the source material. Sources are indistinguishable as often as they are clear, and treated as often as they are clean, so these piece function neither as authentic documents of a place nor as showcases for instrumental techniques. Codiaeum Variegatum seems more interested in the ability of these elements to create new places by virtue of their juxtaposition and interaction.

It’s a delight to hear the way the pieces slowly find and dissolve form. They are relatively short and contain movements within themselves, yet nothing feels hurried. The most pleasing aspect is the way that questions about methods – is that a loop? Are those birds or electronics? – while present and worthy of attention, are secondary to the overall atmosphere. At the end of the careful and intricate processes Guthrie employed to craft these pieces, she is asking us simply to sit back and listen.”

-Matt Krefting, The Wire

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