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Municipal Equation Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Ben Brown of the North Carolina League of Municipalities for a podcast about Urban Soundscapes, along with some other cool and interesting folks. Link is here: Municipal Equation Ep 22

Urban Omnibus Article

With help from Jonathan Tarleton over at Urban Omnibus, I have put together a collection of field recordings from around New York City and a brief writeup about soundscapes and active listening. You can find it over on their weekly blog feature: Tune In: Soundscapes of New York. Hope you enjoy!

New Composition

It’s several months belated, but I’ve finally posted the recordings from the performance of my latest composition from February 2012. The piece was commissioned by Thomas Buckner and performed at Roulette in Brooklyn, using text by my dear friend Lily Robert-Foley. I’ve posted 2 versions, both using the close-mic signals from each instrument and spatialized […]

New Website

As you may have noticed, my website is in the process of a much-needed makeover. Please stay tuned for updates.