Nanahari Edit (CS/digital, Dinzu Artefacts, 2024)

The undulating waves and patterns of electronic sound are layered with field recordings that capture the incidental textures of daily life – together ushering in a mesmerizing sound world: elegiac, yet playful, and utterly sensuous. This world blossoms within the blurred space connecting interior and exterior life, wherein each sound recasts the other and each entanglement suggests hidden dimensions of experience.

excerpted on TOWN TALK RADIO Vol.58 by Tobira Records
Music that continues to have a dehumidifying effect.

reviewed on Noise Not Music:

Sometimes you just need to lie down, listen, and smile. That applies to both the source recordings from which Nanahari Edit grew and the finished product itself. Billy Gomberg (whose work I originally discovered by way of Fraufraulein, his ongoing duo project with Andy Guthrie) has hinted at this strain of wholesome, well-lit synthesis on previous solo releases, and it finally shines with fullest brilliance on this Dinzu tape. Environmental sound itself can be breathtakingly beautiful, but that beauty too easily loses its luster during the process of capturing it and then presenting it to new ears. Here, Gomberg shades in those gaps with the help of a kaleidoscopic digital palette, each colorful addition brightening and complementing—never obscuring—the original textures. Much like the mundane snatches of everyday life that constitute its softly beating heart, the single 23-minute piece has no specific destination in mind. The spritely synths run errands and stop for coffee, bubbling in bliss at the sight of ducks crossing the road or an serendipitous run-in with an old friend, but overall they simply amble, any “progression” amounting to a contented stretch on a bed of sun-drenched grass in a pocket park. And isn’t that all anyone could ever want anyway? 

Nanahari Edit is an edit/refinement/expansion of the recording of my performance at Nanahari in Chuo City, Tokyo, Japan on September 6, 2023. I was playing some shows with Lee Noble, and Leo Okagawa joined us that night.

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