200 Words: Slight At That Contact

Slight At That Contact featured at 200 Words!

There’s a fascinating mix of distance and closeness in Billy Gomberg’s music. His pieces involve multiple layers between original sound and final effect, which gives them an underwater aura, more like extended ripples than direct hits. Yet each one of the eight beguiling tunes on Slight At That Contact has parts that are clear and present enough that you could practically reach out and touch them. It’s cliche to talk about music as a weaving of textures, but it’s also hard not to think of Gomberg’s work that way. He structures tracks by shifting degrees of blur and clarity like notes arranged on a musical staff.

There’s also something physically present about the arcs in the music on Slight At That Contact. You can practically feel them progressing, unfolding, coalescing. The movement is thoroughly patient and considered, yet it connects on a gut level. It’s music that stirs more than it impresses, rings a tuning fork in your core rather than a neural path in your brain. Of course, Slight At That Conact works on an intellectual plane too, and I’d be happy to think about it for days on end. But mostly I like the way it moves me.


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