Best of 2014 Lists

My record on Students of Decay, Codiaeum Variegatum, made it into a few best-of lists this year. Thanks to Steve Smith, Lucas Schleicher, Brian Olewnick, and Nick Cain for the mentions!


Just Outside

Boston Globe

Wire Magazine:

As for my favorite records of 2014, I can’t say I listened to nearly enough new records to make a top 10, but here are a few I enjoyed this year:

Alex Cobb, Marigold and Cable
Sarah Davachi, August Harp
Jurg Frey and Radu Malfatti, II
Billy Gomberg, Certain Words Again and Again
Grouper, Ruins
Greg Kelley and Jason Lescalleet, Conversations
Kim Myhr, All your limbs singing
Andrew Lafkas, 1+1=year zero(water/moon)

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