CHICAGO 8/24 w/Jessica Pavone at Constellation!

I’m very excited to be back in Chicago at the end of August for a bit, and will be playing a solo set at Constellation with Jessica Pavone. If you are in the area, please come out, it should be a great night!

Some links:

Event page at Constellation

Facebook event page

Here is what Jess is up to:

Jessica Pavone’s recent works for solo viola and voice stem from years of concentrated long tone practice and an interest in repetition, song form, and sympathetic vibration. She combines her long tone rituals with delay, understated melodies and sparse lyrical content while continuously experimenting with new forms.

This tour celebrates the release of Pavone’s new album, Kunckle Under, released by Taiga Records.

Jessica Pavone – viola / effects

“Pavone has the ability to transform a naked tonal gesture into something special” – Philip Clark, The Wire

“[D]istinct and beguiling…its core is steely, and its execution clear.” – Nate Chinen, New York Times

Preview of Certain Words Again And Again

Sunshine Ltd has posted a preview track from my upcoming cassette “Certain Words Again And Again”…available late summer/early fall!



quick tour recap

photo by Tim Barnes

text totally paraphrased from Anne’s post…

Anne and I wanted to send out a big thank you to all the wonderful people who helped make our touring adventure so incredible! Thanks to everyone who generously booked and promoted our shows, played with us along the way, hosted and/or just generally provided awesome companionship, including: David Bernabo , Evan Richards and Zak Kruszynski, Kenny Rakentine, David Shettler and Joel Peterson, James Baljo and Sam Hooker, Joe and Megan Megan Schaden, Rob Galo, J Bryan Parks, Matthew Gallagher, Keith Freund, Aaron Zarzutski, Josh Berman and Jason Stein, Ryan Ryan T Dunn, Jason Zimmerly, Dale at The Irving, Pete Fosco, Douglas Lucas, Tim Feeney, John Wiese, Jon Lorenz and John Rich. And of course, extra special thanks to Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes who played three shows with us – all of their sets were amazing and full of great surprises. Also, thank you thank you to Tim Barnes for pulling the whole week together for us.

visuals for Secret Pyramid at MUTEK15

a quick still from Amir before his set last night:

visuals for Secret Pyramid at Mutek15

delicate sen Four Years Later (since. why not)

The trio of myself, Anne Guthrie and Richard Kamerman present this new enough recording on Copy For Your Records.

Here’s what Brian Olewnick has to say about our latest missive:

An unexpected point of reference surfaced in my head while listening to this altogether wonderful new recording by Billy Gomberg (synthesizers), Anne Guthrie (French horn, preparations) and Richard Kamerman (drums, junk, YouTube, Deicide)–I found myself thinking of work done by the pre-Don Moye Art Ensemble, music from 1968-69 in which there’s (to my mind, anyway) a somewhat similar physicality and sense of space. Guthrie’s horn takes on Bowie’s role (about nine minutes into the second cut, she gives vent to a couple of startlingly Bowie-esque bleats), Gomberg perhaps Jarman (even some deep log drum echoes late on the first track!) and Kamerman a combo of Mitchell and Favors on “little instruments” (I can imagine the earlier group using YouTube and even Deicide were they available then). I take it for granted, of course, that nothing of the sort occupied the minds of these three musicians, that’s it’s just a function of this aging listener…Long tones of multiple kind, electronic and horn-generated, the latter sometimes strangled but always poignant, arrayed among a beautifully full yet spacious clatter, the three pieces sustained very ably, never over-meandering. There’s a wealth of great stuff here–repeated surprise as one delightful passage after another surfaces, unexpected but making sense in hindsight. Gomberg’s sensuous tendencies on synth are accommodated here more fully than I’ve heard before, not by simply an opposing stance taken by, say, Kamerman, but by choosing sounds that give those lush layers more weight, even if that element is (I take it) a YouTube instructional video on drawing a rabbit. Needless to say, the same works in reverse and more with Guthrie threading between and above. Roscoe Mitchell meets AMM may be overselling things but this marvelous session does hint at something new, even as it evokes something old. Great work, very exciting.

Billy Gomberg : synthesizers
Anne Guthrie : French horn, preparations
Richard Kamerman : Drums, junk, YouTube, Deicide

Yes, he keeps his neighbors in the bathroom
And they are made of grapes
Two ways to make a basic rabbit

glass-mastered CDs in full color digipacks
edition of 200 copies

Available from the source at Copy For Your Records as well as through ErstDist.

You’re ready.