Tiny Mix Tapes previews the upcoming Fraufraulein CD

Anne & myself’s…debut?…CD Extinguishment is being published by Another Timbre very very soon!

Here’s the early word from Taylor Peters at Tiny Mix Tapes:

I’ve got three upcoming releases from the UK’s Another Timbre, all of which are guaranteed to broaden your timbre collection substantially. The first is Extinguishment from Billy Gomberg and Anne Guthrie, performing together as Fraufraulein. Guthrie, you might recall, just last year put out the excellent Codiaeum Variegatum, which found her combining extended french horn technique with assortments of field recordings. In Fraufraulein, Guthrie employs a similar technique and is complemented by Gomberg, who provides an array of electronics, additional field recordings, and extended technique on the bass guitar. I, your resident timbre-hocker, had the opportunity to see the duo perform together last summer, and I can confirm that it’s a lovely combination.

Kenneth Kirschner: Imperfect Forms

After a decent gestation period, this very large project dedicated to my friend Kenneth Kirschner’s music has been published by Tokafi. My contribution is one of 20 semi-original works created for this project, all based off of Ken’s available music.

My piece, titled “late september,” and found its titles, materials and inspiration thusly:

Among the many interests, ideas and pastimes that Ken and I share, a common birthday was the most useful as a selection criterion for which pieces of Ken’s music would be used for this project. (See the title of my work for the boundary set by the date in question; thankfully Ken has a very concrete method of titling his work, which made this process a quick one.) Selected works were processed and/or recomposed, to which I added original synthesizer, electric bass, and field recordings.

Imperfect Forms – The Music of Kenneth Kirschner Remixed
is available on bandcamp:

and dive into this immense project here:

We are excited and proud to present Imperfect Forms, an expansive multimedia project about the work of Kenneth Kirschner, a composer and sound artist from Brooklyn, New York. His oeuvre, which he describes as ‘being about recording’, uses classically-tinged acoustic sources, electronically processed sounds and silence. For the past fifteen years, Kirschner’s music has been released free of charge on his website, which doubles up as an expansive, continually updated archive of his oeuvre. His music has also been published in physical form on labels like 12k, Sub Rosa, Room40 and Champion Version, among others.

Over the past two years, twenty sound artists, six video artists and four journalists/writers have carved out their personal vision of Kirschner’s pieces, resulting in 4.5 hours of new and exclusive music; an ebook with interviews and analyses; a generative software piece; specially curated videos as well as a three-part ‘Best Of“ of selected pieces from the past 15 years.

video for Secret Pyramid’s “Outside”


Originally released in 2011 on cassette by the Canadian micro imprint Nice-Up International, “The Silent March” is the precursor to 2013’s “Movements of Night” and can be seen as something of a mission statement for Amir Abbey’s skyriding Secret Pyramid project. Critics have compared the Secret Pyramid sound to the more blasted entries in the Popul Vuh catalog and to Flying Saucer Attack’s cherished fuzz devotionals, and indeed Abbey’s reverb-drenched songforms and titanic edifices of drone do feel at times as though they’ve been cut from the same cloth. Opener “Outside” might be best understood as the soundtrack to slow-motion video footage of a first-person plunge over some impossibly grand waterfall on an endless loop, as tumbling overtones fight for air amongst turbid plumes of distortion. “Still Return” finds acoustic guitar figures struggling to escape a blinding mist, their resolution finally arriving in the form of the sublime tranquility of the titular track which follows. Abbey masterfully weaves themes of birth, death, nostalgia, and existential dread into an album which is as cohesive as it is all-consuming, a spell which seeks to simultaneously welcome and protect against darkness in its many forms. This edition of “The Silent March” features an improved mixdown by Abbey and a remaster by James Plotkin to insure maximum transport.


Students of Decay 2015

Check out this mix of upcoming 2015 releases on Students of Decay, featuring a track from my LP Slight At That Contact

“Certain Words Again and Again” CS/Digital on Sunshine Ltd

Available NOW from Sunshine Ltd is a new collection of generally reduced, pretty ambient tracks, constructed from synthesizers, Farfisa, some effects and room/direct recording mix….

Get it here:


These latest long form works from Gomberg, rooted in synthesizers and computers, provide comfort in vibratory waves.The movements are slow and static, warm and detailed without being obsessive. Mixed in with direct recordings are room recordings that hint at the live presence which is presiding over all—orchestrating, guiding. These are the hypnogogic moments in the window seat. The comfort of the blanket. The sunset at 30,000 ft.

Includes download code that features an alternate program from the cassette version.

Here’s an additional good word from Justin Snow/Anti-Gravity Bunny:

This is one of those instances where I know the artist, I’ve listened to him before, I’ve even reviewed a record of his before (Waiting In Poor Lighting), and while the name has stuck with me, I was never really hooked or anything. So if you’re maybe in the same boat as me in regards to Mr. Billy Gomberg, do yourself a favor and put this one on the top of your listening pile. Certain Words Again And Again is 40 minutes (45 if you’re listening to the digital version) of brilliantly beautiful minimal tender drone that effortlessly floats in the air, light & delicate, yet substantial enough to completely wrap your senses in a cloud of bliss, glowing shades of warmth that shift oh so slowly in a gorgeous display of silent transcendence brought to life, a stunning presentation of restraint and precision perfectly balanced between overworked and underdeveloped that can be so hard to achieve in minimalism, Gomberg has made something truly fucking exquisite, I just want it to swallow me whole and not have to care about anything else. And back to that time difference thing I mentioned before, the track listing differs between physical & digital versions, the physical has 2 long and 2 short songs, the digital drops the 2 short songs and adds another long one, so you’re actually treated to almost an hour of music here, wholly worth the $7 price tag.