Lucas Schleicher on “Extinguishment”

Lucas Schleicher has posted an insightful reflection on Extinguishment over at Brainwashed…

“They blend field recordings, of rain and a patriotic Norwegian parade for example, with scrapyard detritus, pair foghorn drones with the bristly friction of surface noise, and balance the eerie ambience of humming wires against a distorted monastic chant, all while maintaining a delicate connection with those first embryonic moments. The way they achieve that consonance and balance—between the acoustic and electronic instruments and in the structures of the songs themselves—defines the album.”

05/22/15 – Fraufraulein in Boston w/Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes

fraufraulein boston poster 052215

On May 22nd we will be playing in Boston on at the Goethe Institut with Jeph Jerman/Tim Barnes duo! Delighted to be out with these guys again! More info at

Brian Olewnick on “Extinguishment”

The usual thoughtful listening report from Brian Olewnick ->

“There’s something about the structure of the three pieces–they feel very organic and unfolding, no clear framing but there’s some underlying sensation of tensile strength; I can’t figure it out, but I like it. Exciting work, great to hear.”

…and to whom we now owe the gem “elephant/Malfatti hybrid.”

Ed Howard on “Extinguishment”

Ed Howard​ offers his thoughts on “Extinguishment”:

“This is subtle, often deliberately unassuming music.”

“Convention of Moss”

“Convention of Moss,” the first track on Extinguishment is now available to stream in its entirety on Soundcloud. Get more info and purchase the album at Another Timbre.